Arrears recovery

Synergy has partnered with several leading UK brands to provide extensive arrears collection and recovery service.

Our advisors demonstrate incredible speed, accuracy ensuring compliant payment processing. We are trusted to provide secure, accurate collection services and generate significant recovery levels across both B2C and B2B customers including highly regulated sectors.

We offer a range of inbound and outbound processing options utilising either client or in-house platforms to support payments/collections via:

  • Phone
  • Online
  • Mobile
  • SMS Webpay

Our advisors will always

  • Exhibit empathy
  • Identify the cause of non-payments and implement a contingency payment plan
  • Understand customer vulnerabilities
  • Be supported by email and SMS prompts to drive inbound calls
  • Agree payment plan options
  • Focus upon recovery and conversion to Direct Debit
  • Create tailored strategies for early or late stage arrears