UK Energy Market Benchmarking Report

Inbound Switching Calls - October 2018

Inbound Switching Calls - October 2018

Benchmarking is a powerful tool for assessing the quality of service being delivered by front-line teams, who are responsible for the all-important initial contact with customers and prospective customers. This report illustrates the strengths and weaknesses of all energy suppliers involved.

Synergy Outsourcing believes that the most effective method of measuring the quality of real-time service delivery is by experiencing it first-hand. A minimum of three calls were made to each of the 40 energy suppliers involved, the recordings of which were then assessed against our best practice sales call handling scorecard.

Areas assessed

  • Connection: Ease of use of IVR, time to answer
  • Welcome: Gave name, supplier name, mentioned call is recorded, dynamism and energy
  • Discovering: Confirmed customer details, current supplier, built rapport
  • Advocating: Product knowledge, speech quality, objection handling, first time capture of information
  • Closing: Thanked customer, positive close